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Dental Implants

AM Buffalo: Inspire Dental Oral Surgen Dr Au talks about the oral surgery services offered at Inspire.

The highest standard for tooth replacement

To replace failing teeth or missing teeth, we view dental implants as the highest standard or the most ideal restorative solution currently available.  An implant is a viable treatment choice for virtually every adult patient due to its inherent strength and incredible similarities to a natural tooth.  Dental implants are permanent, non-removable replacement teeth that function on a higher level than any other artificial teeth while maintaining a reputation for longevity and attractiveness.

Successful implant dentistry

The success of implant dentistry is not actually a secret. That’s because an implant works just like a natural tooth—it’s supported by the jaw bone.  An implant is a substitute tooth root that fits into the jaw bone in an upright position. Through a natural healing process, the bone and the implant become fused together, forming a permanent relationship upon which we can fabricate a new tooth. In fact, through this process, we can replace a single tooth or all of the teeth!

When the implant and the bone have become fully integrated, custom porcelain dental crowns or bridges will be attached to create a finished, realistic-looking tooth.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are solely dependent upon the strength of the jaw bone for support. A dental implant can be placed at any location within the mouth without interfering or compromising the strength of a neighboring tooth. There is no loss of tooth structure and no undue burden on the natural teeth. Implants also preserve the integrity of the jaw bone by preventing the deterioration that often results from long-term tooth loss. In preserving the integrity of the jawbone, implants also help to maintain the youthful, natural contours of the face, cheeks, and lips.

As an independent tooth, a dental implant can be cleaned thoroughly on all sides without the use of special tools or techniques. With proper care, dental implants do not need to be removed or adjusted and will never require adhesives or glues.

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